Super Power Baby Project features striking photographic portraits of its 70 subjects, taken by award-winning photographer Rachel Callander. The personality of each child shines through, with text that explains the special qualities and life-changing powers each one brings.

Rachel and Sam Callander have created this beautiful book not only as a record, but also as a means of changing the way we talk about children. They believe all children are born awesome – this book demonstrates it.

First print edition due this July

Super Power Babies have life-changing abilities

“You’re unique.”

It’s a sentiment so common that it’s practically a cliché. Like many clichés, it contains a lot of truth. Each of us enters life with a unique combination of abilities and personality traits.

And then there those children whose qualities are so unusual they would stand out in any crowd. These are the ones we call Super Power Babies.

Super Power Babies are those born with genetic or chromosomal conditions that immediately mark them as distinctive. They may face growth or developmental difficulties, and for many, their lifespan is not long. But instead of seeing them as disabled and suffering, we see them as awesome and celebrate their uniqueness.

When Rachel and Sam Callander were told their daughter Evie had a rare chromosomal condition that would prevent her from walking, talking and even eating solid food, they made a momentous decision. Instead of focusing on all the things she couldn't do, they used a language that celebrated who she was and all the things she could do. They highlighted Evie’s magical ability to connect with people and share her joy in life. In her 2½ years on earth, Evie taught Rachel, Sam and many others who knew her, to love and communicate in ways they would never have known was possible.

Inspired by their time with Evie, Rachel and Sam decided to create a book that celebrated the life-changing powers of other Super Power Babies.

Through a crowd-funding campaign and the help of many passionate supporters, Rachel and Sam’s book has taken shape. More than 70 families throughout New Zealand have responded, shared their stories and proudly presented their Super Power Babies. A common theme has emerged – how the arrival of a Super Power Baby has brought amazing changes into their lives.

"Tymon is so brave," one mum, Angela Gold, wrote. "He is often pricked and prodded for blood and not one tear is shed, instead he just smiles his way through it. His biggest superpower, however, was his ability to make our family complete and his power to teach us to love unconditionally."